Sugar and Ice

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Sugar and Ice

Sugar and Ice Free Online SlotEveryone is known to love candy. This is a sugar coated and delicious goodness that delivers the soft spot in the heart of many people. You will be able to see the candy influence in this reel and resemblance to the Candy Crush. The theme of the game blends the sugary sweetness with the winter chill.

Sugar and Ice Free Online Slot


The reels of the game had been set up in a middle of a screen while the backdrop is snowflake. You can hear the Christmas jingle which is catchy and you may find yourself bouncing on the seat. At the reel side, you will find Prize display. At its flip side, there is the display of the jackpot and it is filled with shaped hearts.
The symbols of this game look good and each piece of the candy that you see from this game, looks as if there is light that shine over it. Any player who has enough experience, he will appreciate the stunning visuals of this game.

How to play

When you open up the game for the first time, you are going to be taken at the bottom of a screen and this is where you will find all the game controls. The display includes the total bet and the total balance.
Contrary to other slots titles, you will not get traditional paylines with this game. What you have to do is to match up the symbols in different bunches. When you get four symbols in one place, then you will win depending on the value of that symbol.

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