The Monkey King

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The Monkey King

Slot Machine The Monkey King Online FreeThis is free online slot based on Chinese legend which is full of the supernatural beings who are living a supernatural life and have divine powers. The theme of the game is about the powerful and popular heroes.

Slot Machine The Monkey King Online Free

The Monkey king slot is about the Monkey king who was about to travel halfway across the world using just one single jump and it was strong with his magic. The magic was able to bring to him all the gods and humans alike. In the game, the spell may be useful and they may conjure big wins.

The background of the game does show a sunny mountain landscape and the Monkey king is waiting around. There is wind blowing at the scenery and it makes the grass and the branches of these trees to move gently in the 3D effects. The command bar and the reel set are discreet so the Monkey King slot looks more as a painting but not a game. The game uses the usual slot rules and there are simplified command button that are stacked under reels to achieve the convenience. This game has 30 paylines with 5 spinning reels.

The rewards that the player gets are based on the combination of the symbols at the reels and the size of a total bet. You may decide in betting more money at the reels if you want to increase how much you can win. The common symbols in the game are giant pillar, golden bowl, red bag and a hand shaped mountain. The rare symbols are king himself, pig god, evil magician and golden crown.

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