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Slot Machine S.O.S. Online FreeS.O.S. is simply a brilliant free slot game ever created. Not only because it offers highly valuable prizes it is also because of the overall quality of the design of the game. Habanero is the copy right owner of this amazing free slot machine. The quality is not a surprise as Habanero team always produces only high quality products. This is one of those free slot games which moves very fast. Each spin is thrilling and packed with actions. Other than that, almost all spins are producing cash. So, as long as you are here, you won’t be bored no matter what experience you have on free slot gaming. S.O.S. definitely is a revolutionary free slot machine.

Slot Machine S.O.S. Online Free


If offers many new features which are going to be popular in the slot gaming world. As for an example, this amazing free slot machine is based upon all kinds of emergencies and mayday situations; usually slot games only based on only a singular event. Anyway, the usual number of reels per spin is unchanged here. It is 5 as usual. The number of maximum possible pay lines per spin is 25. It is also a common setting. All the actions usually happen within these reels and win lines. To boost things up some bonus materials are also included. The most popular bonus stuffs are the wild, the scatter and the mini gambling feature. The symbol of pilot, which is also the wild of the game also offers the biggest prize of the game.

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