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Slot Machine Robinson Online FreeRobinson free slot online is the game based on Robinson Crusoe book which was written in the 18 century and it became popular instantly. The topic of the book is how Robinson was able to adapt in a deserted island when he was isolated. Many people are now asking themselves if they can survive such tribulation and live to tell about it.

Slot Machine Robinson Online Free

The good news when you are playing this game is that you will not have to meet with angry pirates and hungry cannibals. The background of the game is a destroyed ship which stands against jagged rocks and you may lay the eyes at the rest of the island life which does not look so bad. Robinson is standing near the reels with short shorts and a grubby shirt. There is a gentle campfire nearby which offers added warmth and you will need it during the nightfall. The game takes place on 3×5 formation and there are prizes which are associated with each tile at the board.

Game symbols

Each objects in the game, has been associated to the island life. You should expect torn map fragments, coconut drinks and a waving wild flag. There is also Robinson who is digging a hole.

The highest cash to win in the game is 1,000 credits. You should also expect to see bonus round, wilds and scatters while playing. The scatters lead to 10 free games and 450 credits. When you win, you can play with a double game features where Robinson is playing a dice game. You have to guess which number that will come on the dice.

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