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Pharaohs Gold

Slot Machine Pharaohs Gold Online FreeEach person wants to get his hands on the gold of Pharaoh. Grave robbers for over a century and millennia wanted to get some piece from it. The explorers wanted to take it back to their museum.

Slot Machine Pharaohs Gold Online Free


The history of Egyptian had been inspiration for many things including videogames, novels and movies. The free slot has 8 reels but in the end, you have a chance of setting any number of the reels you want up to just one reel. Playing the game will make you feel that you are entering in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The action of a game opens within a tomb and there is ancient Egypitian structure of some levels. Before you start playing, you have a chance of adjusting the bet level starting from 01 up to 2.0. In case you play casual, you can set low bet while learning how the game is played before you can commit money on it. You can use a low bet but you will have to active 8 reels whenever you can.

Game symbols

To be able to win, you will need to have three symbols in one row. The icons have hieroglyphics, Eye of Horus, Coiled Cobra, Scarab beetles and golden pyramids. When you get 3 cobras in one row, you win 200 coins, if you get 3 dog deities, you win 1000 and if you get 3 red scarabs you get 10000. If you know the culture of Egyptian, you will be able to identify the symbols of the game easily.

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