Gods Temple

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Gods Temple

Slot Machine Gods Temple Online FreeGod’s Temple slot is based on the Ancient Egyptian pyramid at the place where someone can find the unique pyramid shaped which is set to be a 6 reels with the 64 paylines. The slot machine had been bestowed with usual range with the bonus features; they include the free spins, and scatter wins with the wild wins.

Slot Machine Gods Temple Online Free

However, this game does offer interesting and new twist way of achieving to the goals and it gives the spinners the incentive way of spinning to get the extra rewards.

Game symbols

The Ancient Egypt is among the popular theme that the player can find at the slot machines. It is a fact that the true theme will appeal well to the punters since it is the mix of prosperity, wealth, mystery and history. As you would expect from other games, you will find winged sun symbol, Ankh cross and eye of the Horus. It is also possible to count at some few divine characters like the Anubis or the dog headed god that you find only in afterlife. Another one is the Horus, or Falcon headed god in the sky.

Indeed, the symbols do appear at the reels of the God’s Temple. This makes the game to be pretty standard of the Egyptian theme game when it comes to the design. However, the slot machine does have many things to offer within its gameplay. The six reels of this game are different from one another. Some of first reels at the left will be holding 2 symbols, the second three, and the third, four symbols and it continues like this.

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