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Fun Farm

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Game Details

Fun Farm

Slot Machine Fun Farm Online FreeFun Farm slot is the game which invites the player to go the farm. There is fresh air and there is no need to travel too far for it. The game is found with PlayPearls and it is time to see if you can win something with it.

Slot Machine Fun Farm Online Free


Even if the game starts with quick loading page, some features look modern and slick. The introduction helps you to know at once the light hearted, quirky and homely theme. The game has two wows, a farmer and a dog which look expressive and prominent. Graphics are not somehow basic, but there are some merry sounding flute music which makes the sound to be more barnyard.

Game symbols

The cow icon eyes are mismatched and the farmer has a white suit with the super large hat. The game also features purple cow dung. The free slot also features the normal playing card that reaches to 9. The game also features the normal playing card that reaches to 9. Letters in the game uses different colors but they keep their rustic feel as if they are made from the wood and there are nails that stick out of the cards.
Even if the icons do dominate the screen, the remaining display is still playful. The fun farm has been written in many yellow letters and at the top, there are big and puffy clouds in its background. There are white daisies at the bottom edge. To play, the player should start by wagering the right amount and to spin.

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