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Elite Commandos

Slot Machine Elite Commandos Online FreeElite commandos slot is the latest online video game and it brings the gritty realism with the change of winning big when you cause total destruction. It is up to you to prove if you are among the Elite group or if you are just a sniper’s victim.

Slot Machine Elite Commandos Online Free

The game starts with the animated clip in the HD graphics. You will not find anything childlike or cartoonish with the game. The high tension soundtrack of this game will string out the nerves. When you get to the main screen, you are going to be berated by the soldier who will be pointing the rifle towards you and he will then drop in a kneeling position. The backdrop is full of the utter destruction while the war zone is full of the smoking ruins with chaos.

Game symbols

The theme of the game comes back with the symbols that you spin. You will see sniper targets, bullets and rifles. The game has 3D graphics and they are played out over five reels with over 20 payline which are available to be played. You may choose the level of money that you want to use in betting or you can set the value for up to maximum.

If you want to win, you should keep the eyes on the three bonus symbols that may appear on the line. When you spin them at the payline, you may get a change of enjoying the bonus game. For the bonus game, you hit the six targets that are hidden into the military compound. When you hit one of the targets, then you win.

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