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Dragon´s Realm

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Dragon´s Realm

Slot Machine Dragon´s Realm Online FreeDragon’s realm is one of the best free slot games available to play these days. This is a top class product from one of the pioneers in the free slot gaming industry, Habanero. As you can be imaging from the topic, this amazing free slot is one of the most adventurous free slot machines available. The goal is to defeat the fearsome dragon and to save the realm. The reward is pretty good too. The danger involving in the process is nothing compared to the big prize prepared by the realm for victorious players. Other than providing us with magnificent prizes, this amazing free slot machine also let us all live in a fantasy world where you will be welcomed as a super hero.

Slot Machine Dragon´s Realm Online Free


The design of the game is pretty fantastic too. Graphics, animations and all the other related media properties are well designed to create this epic world. The game play is pretty amazing too. It is just a piece of cake even for new comers. The control panel is the most important tool we get to control the battle field. Fortunately, the control panel here is very very user friendly one. If you have previous experience with Habanero games, using this is not a problem at all. This free slot machine has 5-reels and 25 pay lines in the gaming interface. Each real has 3 symbols. In fact, this is the battlefield where you get a chance to slay the dragon. If you do it fine, the reward will be as big as 20,000 coins.

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