Desert Oasis

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Desert Oasis

Slot Machine Desert Oasis Online FreeDesert Oasis slot machine has beautiful graphics and they include camels and treasure. You will be happy with the eastern theme when you start to spin the reels in order to win big.

Slot Machine Desert Oasis Online Free

The game is refreshing as an oasis is when it is in desert. When you open the game for the first time, you will be convinced about the quality of the graphics of the game. The free slot game has been set among the sand dunes with the golden desert and rocky outcrops. You will feel intense frustration which sheikh and the pet monkey is suffering from since he is trying to pull the stubborn camel but without any success. The camel loaded up enough treasure chests.

When you enter in the game, the theme will continue to dominate the reels that are set in the sandy backdrop with the frames. The background of the game has traditional desert tent and it is waiting that its inhabitants come.

Game symbols

At the reels, you will find a number of symbols and they are all eastern themed. They are pointy and curled shoe, lantern, monkey, magic carpet and sheikh. Even letters that represent high value cards do have some eastern theme with the rich jewel tones which had been completed with the curly flicks and the ornate writing.

The music of the Desert Oasis continues to entrance compared to the theme itself since it is an irresistible Arabian tones that makes its way in the mind and it beckons someone to come even closer.

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