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Beetle Star

The Beetles slot machine is the game developed by Casino Technology. The game uses The Beatles as theme. The game brings back the emotions, images and sounds of 1960s. There is nothing that will serve as the basis of the slot game than the Fab four who are John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

Slot Machine Beetle Star Online Free

However the name of the game is Beetle even if it refers to Beatle and this can become confusing to people who think that the game is more about insects instead. However, the members of the Beatles are in caricatures that make them to look as these insects and they have trippy array full of the colors. Other icons in the game include the fancy letter and flowers which add to the nostalgia of 60s. There is a symbol that looks as a goofy star and it adds to the humorous touch of this game.

The game features 3D animation which look groovy and there is also a groovier appearance and soundtrack which complement the look. Beatles were said to use weed and acid to improve their creativity and this is reflected in the color palette of this game.

Game symbols

The game is based on 10 paylines and 5 and it has a non progressive jackpot of 150 coins but it leads to more if it is accompanied by the right multiplier. The Beetle Star image is the wild symbol and it increases potential to get to the winning spin. The size nomination is between 0.01 up to 0.5 dollars. This means that the game is not expensive for the casual slots player.

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