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Amazons Spear

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Amazons Spear

Amazon Spear slot machine is made up with the exciting world from Ancient Greece. It is the place where players may meet with the fierce warriors that lived that time. The game opens the player to an epic journey where he also has a chance of winning big and to mingle with the amazons. There is a fearsome warrior that will be the ally and it may help the player to find treasures which are hidden within the reels of this game, for someone who is aware at which place to look for.

Slot Machine Amazons Spear Online Free

When it comes to its visuals, this game looks the best and there are details that may be admired by anyone. The background had been decorated in the classic Greek style with the geometric stone ornaments with the tall columns which are framing the reels and they can take up enough of a screen space. The symbols look detailed and the command found underneath, they look more basic.

This game is based on 25 pay line with 5 reels. This is where the symbols of the game will appear for the player to win. The cash reward is based on which symbol combination available on the game and the wager size.

Game symbols

The game contains basic and special symbols. Basic symbols are an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9. The rewards are found from 5 up to 150 credits. The harp and the helmet are among special symbols. The spear is a wild of the game and the blue orb is a scatter.

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