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Secret Cupcakes

Secret Cupcakes Free Online SlotSecret cupcake is a slot machine based on the cupcakes. It is not something possible to dislike something when it is tasting this much. They look so good and you can see them at this scratch card which is filling the players with the hunger.

Secret Cupcakes Free Online Slot


The theme of the game is based on the cupcakes which are lucrative on the online scratch card while the payout can reach 4000 time the bet that the player made. With such winning potential, good graphics with the scrumptious theme, it is expected that the gamblers will go crazy with this game.

Before you start to play, you should make sure that you have eaten enough food since you may become even hungry. What it is surprising about the game is that it has good graphics. The graphics of the game are limited but at the end, the developer had put more effort on this.

To win, you will have to match three symbols of the game and they are three different cupcakes which look delicious. At the background, there are different sweet foods like the lollies and candy.

Game features

The bet starts at 0.01 up to 10.00 for each card. This is a decent betting range for many people who would not wish to risk much while playing.

Changing the betting amount is done through clicking the coin icon found at the screen. To find out three symbols of the game, you have to scratch nine boxes. Some cupcakes come with a multiplier if they are used to make the winning combination.

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