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Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot

Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot Free Online SlotPlenty Of Fruit 20 hot is an extended version of the very famous free slot game, Plenty Of Fruit 20. This is also a classic free slot machine based on fruit symbols and few other retro-themed icons. The set of symbols of this free slot game is 100% similar to the symbol set of the previous version. Anyway, new symbols are better designed.

The number of reels is also similar as well as the number of rows. But the number of maximum possible activated pay lines per spin is 20 for this game while it is 10 for the previous version. This change is crucial from the prizing point of view. It increases the winning potential for this free slot game. So, if you are playing this game make sure you activate all pay lines to get maximum advantages from the prizing system of this game. The betting range has also changed. The maximum bet amount has been increased in this game up to 2000 coins per spin. This particular change is the key to increase the sizes of big prizes. On the other hand, this change has also attracted high-end rollers to this game from all over the world. But minimum bet amounts are unchanged. So, low rollers should not be worried at all.

Plenty of Fruit 20 Hot Free Online Slot

The most important and most powerful icons for this free slot machine are the scatter and the wild. The symbol of lucky 7 is the wild icon in this game. The scatter is the symbol of the golden star. Both these symbols are capable of offering massive wins. The maximum prize provided by these two symbols is as big as 500,000 coins. The bell icon is also capable of offering a nice set of prizes including a prize of 50,000 coins. The fruit symbols are not as much as powerful as above mentioned symbols. But they can provide prizes more frequently compared to other symbols.

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