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Persian Fortune

Persian Fortune Free Online SlotPlaying Persian fortune free slot game is like living inside of a real fairy tale. It is not only because this super cool free slot game is all about Persian mythology but also because of the quality design which is entirely capable of re-creating the mystic world of Persian fairy tales. On the other hand, this amazing free slot machine is full of thrilling features such as trembling reels, cascading reels, mega zoom symbols, wilds and bonus rounds. Other than entertaining you to the maximum level, these extra features are also capable of making your wildest dreams come true by offering extra-large cash bags up to 888x of your initial bet. Animations, graphics and other media properties of this game are definitely exquisite. Most importantly, these are also 100% matching with the theme and the nature of the game.

Persian Fortune Free Online Slot


This game is full of magical and mystical items which are serving as symbols with different powers. Comparison to other similar free slots, this slot has extra amount of prize multipliers. To understand the process of these multipliers and other bonus stuffs, I strongly suggest you to take a look at the pay table of the game. Anyway, there are no difficult rules to follow. Even a novice player can master this game within minutes. The basic setting of this free slot has 5-reels and 20-fixed pay lines. The initial betting amount can be adjusted from $0.2 to $500 for each and every spin. This adjustment can be made simply by pressing + or – buttons which are located in the bottom right corner of the game interface.

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