No More Fruits

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No More Fruits

No More Fruits Free Online SlotThe memes and the trolls play against the fruits. If you are tired of unoriginal and boring fruit game, then you have to know that the troll army is about to come and wage the wall over them. The fruits start to fight back with explosive peppers with depression giving onions. It is time to play to know who is going to win.

No More Fruits Free Online Slot


The game offers free spins, instant play, video slot, auto play, gamble feature, 5 reels, 25 lines and mobile gaming option. No more fruits slot game is different from the usual fruits theme. The game is modern and it has a new and modern interpretation. No more fruits have a contemporary design with humorous take on this genre. However, you will be able to appreciate this joke when you start to play the game. When you start to play this free online slot, you will see lack of the color on your screen and the background is laid back in the monochrome design. However, it is not a striking white and black pattern since it offers a modern cartoon effects which is pale but it fades in the oblivion.
The scene is found on the street and there is a character that it is racing in the blue car. This is one of the few splashes of the color that you can find around within the backdrop. The other is the character that it is emptying the bucket with the red liquid over the person found on the opposite of the side screen. It maybe blood or paint, but it is up to you to decide on it.

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