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Neon Roulette Fugaso

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Neon Roulette Fugaso

Neon Roulette Fugaso Free Online SlotNeon Roulette is about creating the new online roulette games. There is nothing extra that someone can do in order to improve with the classic table games. This is because the variant had already been designed and it had been released over the online casinos.

Neon Roulette Fugaso Free Online Slot


The Neon Roulette has the classic blackjack. It has same Neon Roulette with sleek look with other variant from a product line. Even if it is not easy to see it with the name, it is taking up the features from European Roulette. It gives a single zero table with a small high and better odds limits. Neon is suitable for the beginner player. Thanks on the special betting of the game, the addition of the classic neighbor and organs bet can be enjoyed by many experienced punters.

How to play

The payouts for the bets will start at 2:1 in betting for the dozens and columns. They may reach to 35:1 while betting for the single number. It is possible to split the bet so that the payout will be 17:1. This payout will be more favorable compared to when betting using 50/50 option that offers the odds with a lower prize. The bets will sit at the bottom and they will allow the player to choose if the following number will be black or red, even and odd, low of high. With these bets, they will pay 1 to 1.

During the standard bets, the Neon Roulette may offer the racetrack bets which is found over the top of a table. With the racetrack, you can bet on the groups of the number.

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