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Moon Rabbit

Free Slot Online Moon RabbitMoon Rabbit is a gorgeous game available from the Gameplay Interactive. It is a 3 reel slot with 8 vertical with horizontal paylines. It is the perfect instant play. Besides the unusual theme with the beautiful presentation, the game is standard casual and it has one feature. The moon rabbit symbol is both the wild and the scatter and it will pay wherever it is over the reels.

Free Slot Online Moon Rabbit

The slot is easy and it is not complicated when it comes to choosing paying symbol and the player is able to win with three icons. The Moon rabbit leads to winning by substituting all symbols.

The game is played in the browser and it can be played on both the desktop and mobile.

Even if the game may look random, you have to think about the time that you may have seen a giant rabbit in the moon and remember where it is coming from. The lunar bunny is found in many folklore and legends and it is known for people in Asia. It is believed to be a companion of a moon goddess. By looking closer, it is possible to see also a toad.

Betting range

When the game starts, the player will be taken into a beautiful game. The backdrop of this game makes it look as a storybook that came to life. The background is made up with ripple over the water while there are lanterns that drift over the breeze. There is the moon that shines while the clouds will be drifting by.

The bet starts at 1.20 up to 1600. The symbols to expect are king, ace, ten, jack and queen, the themed synbols are green lantern, yellow lantern, purple lantern and moon.

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