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Hercules Magnus

Hercules Magnus Free Online SlotHercules Magnus scratch card is the epic game. Compared to other scratch cards available at the market, the game is impressive. The background of the game will get your attention at once. The game can be played on both the desktop and mobile.

Hercules Magnus Free Online Slot


With Greek mythology, Hercules is known to be Zeus’s son and he had incredible strength. The game is based on the Greek theme and the backdrop has Acropolis that stands still at the hill while the rocky outcrops make a summit that it is shrouded within the mist. There are lightning bolts that flash down from the sky at a regular intervals and it sends the blue rays on the screen. The flashing lightning and the swirling mist are used to conjure each atmosphere to make it the sight that you should behold.

How to win

The free slot is framed in 3×3 grid and this is the norm of the scratch cards. The 9 symbols in the game are concealed behind it. There is a large gold coin and it can be scraped away for revealing what it is found under it. You can scratch your card manually or you may click at scratch button which can still do for you. Regardless of the method you choose, the outcome of the game cannot be impacted in any way. There are players who choose manual method while others go for automated method. The default of the game is set at 0.5 and it is possible to get a jackpot of 50,000 coins.

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