Golden Treasure

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Golden Treasure

Free Golden Treasure Slot OnlineThis is a survival game which is just as thrilling as it is enthralling. Indeed, this is a game for those who are prepared to dare, conquer and reign; those who are ready to explore, hunt and survive until they affirm their true self and belongingness. In fact, they may ultimately become the great and true descendants of the earth and sun.

Free Golden Treasure Slot Online


Indeed, this is a hand painted game that is all about decision making and instinct to survive with a non-human experience. As a player, you will become the dragon that must overcome the challenges of a terribly hostile and equally dangerous childhood. You must also prepare to navigate through a deadly path as you hunt prey, fight other dragons for dominance and scamper through caves and underground fissures in search of treasures. But just as important, you must in the process, grow and learn the Great Green and all its inhabitants while in the process gaining wisdom and power to re-write history. It is all up to you and your choices! You slain or be slain one way or another!

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This game sets the background around a possible pre-civilization era where wit and territorial control was key for dominance in the jungle. It uses characters such as dragons – both young and elderly and childhood struggles to infuse wisdom in the hatchlings as they grow up. Choices have consequences some of which are fatal. Best behaviors around spiritually superior beings could the key required to be empowered later on in life.

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