Golden Dice 3

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Golden Dice 3

Golden Dice 3 Free Online SlotGolden Dice 3 is a 5-reel slot with 15 pay lines. It is a very average slots game but has the capacity to become highly addictive due to its simplicity and gameplay. This slot allows you to place $0.01 per line – this means that it can go down at a minimum of 0.15 coins per game. If you put it at the maximum capacity it can go up till $0.05. This means even the highest bet per line is very low. Frankly speaking, if you are a high wager player then you will become annoyed. But then you have the option to carry on at the “max bet play” capacity. If you play at this mode, then either way your bets increase and your chances of winning increased. Zeus Play seems to have a pattern that gives its players maximum returns if they play on max bet spin. The same is going on here – except, the returns might be lower because of the already low bets on the free slots.

Golden Dice 3 Free Online Slot


This game has a ludicrous amount of maximum wins though. If you hit the jackpot you can snag a whopping sum of $20,000. There are no scatters – no bonuses and even no free spins in this free online slot. This might seem ancient to those who have got accustomed to the modern free slot machine. But it is a classic one and if you ever want to just enjoy the game without any distractions, then this is the game you should bookmark on your device. There is nothing much to be said about the graphics, it is very bland – but colorful nonetheless. It has a very addictive quality to it.

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