Fruit Abduction

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Fruit Abduction

Fruit Abduction Free Online SlotThe Fruits are the classic casino icons and they are present in different games found at the market. However, in this free slot, they were abducted by the aliens and then taken to outer space. Even if this is something that it is not expected in the game, the game mix the classic theme together with ultra modern sci-fi universe, the two together look brings some dose of humor.

Fruit Abduction Free Online Slot


The fruit abduction game comes with a modern look with a smooth background animation which complements fun premise for these slot game. Transparent reels have been designed in the way that they look as if they are high tech and futuristic screen and an open view of cosmos at its background. The common of the game are found on its bottom and the game is known to be among the well designed game.

How to play

The game is easy to play and any player can enjoy it regardless if he is a beginner or not. The paytables of the game are fixed. They indicate which positions the winning combination will be found before they can yield the prize. You can use plus or minus buttons found under reels in order to adjust the wager before the user can spin these reels. It will be then the time of crossing the fingers and to wait. The winning will be based on which type of the symbols that make up the lineup symbols near the reels size and how much the current wager is. If you choose to risk more money, then you will win larger prizes in the game.

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