The Catfather Part II

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The Catfather Part II

Free The Catfather Part II Slot OnlineCat father part two slot machine is the sequel to the first game that was released by the same company before. With the second installment, the game has same characters and it is able to win using both ways. The game had been upgraded to reach to 30 paylines while the old one had 9 paylines. The game also boosts the lucky of the winner since if they have free spins; it will multiply the win with 15x.

Free The Catfather Part II Slot Online


Most people want to know what it is better, if it is The Godfather Part I or The Godfather Part II. For the visual perspective, the game is better than the old one but it presents full time of the feline characters using stunning 3D detail. The game has one notable exclusion at the reels since the chubby faced ginger cat has not been featured and it is not available on the paytable.

The game play has been upgraded and from first installment from the Catfather Franchise. The reason for this, is the way that the game has 30 paylines and not 9 paylines that were found in the old machine. The game has valuable line with bet multiplier prizes and a number of cat characters that are returning bigger wins than it was before. The example, getting five bowler of cats wearing hats gives the player a bet of 200x but in the catfather II, the prize can be multiplied by 500. Top jackpot continues to be the same and five wild cat symbols pays the bet multiplied by 5,000 x.

Playing the “catfather part 2”, free slot game is definitely a lot of fun. In fact, this highly entertaining free slot machine is the next episode of earlier free slot game named “The catfather”. Both these games are from Pragmatic play free slot game developing team. On the other hand, both these games are also inspired from the famous and classic Godfather trilogy, which was created by Francis Ford. Actually, this particular free slot machine has been upgraded to a better entertainer comparison to the previous release. One of the major upgrade is the number of pay lines in the game. While the previous free slot machine has only 9 pay lines, this one is equipped with 30 pay lines. More pay lines mean more winning chances. So, this is definitely a good change. From the visual prospective too, this new instalment is much better. It has more details and better visual effects, comparison to the previous free slot. The game play is definitely upgraded. Other than the number of pay lines, the sizes of prizes have also been upgraded. This time, all the cat members, are paying bigger wins’ comparison to the last time. Anyway, the top jackpot of this free slot series is unchanged. Still, it is 5000x of line bet and it is offers by the wild cat symbol. The betting process is as flexible as the last time in this free slot. It differs from 30 coins to 300 coins and with the 300 coins bet one can go for a prize as big as 25000 coins.


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