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The Witch Race

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Game Details

The Witch Race

Free Slot Online The Witch RaceThe Witch Race is a game where you have to bet on 5 witches and you need to predict who is going to win. At the side of every witch, there is a wager button. You can use the Down or up arrows so that you can lower or raise the stake of that witch, you should set the take to be 0 if you are not betting on that witch.

Free Slot Online The Witch Race


When you start to play the free slot, you will be able to enjoy all the sound and animation effects in the game. You can cheer the favored witch when she is able to finish the first. More than one witch can pass the line and you are going to get the payment when she is able to pass. The prizes of the game are going to be generated at the random and if you press at Race Button, the top award is going to be set on 10,000 bet at that line. This means that it will be easy for you to make up to 100,000 in just one day.

Game features

The game features a racing simulator where the heroes of the game are flying witches on the broom but not on the horses. The witch will have to meet different obstacles in the game such as broken brooms, flashlight and owls that will be passing by. When the game is finished, then the player is paid for each character that had been able to pass the entire distance. All the money you won can be withdrawn when you finish every round.

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