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Sweetie Land

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Sweetie Land

Free Slot Online Sweetie LandEvery person loves candies. There is always a story around the sweet stuff for many generation and there is a game the surrounds the candy world. Sweetie Land slot game is set in the wonderland which is candy coated.

Free Slot Online Sweetie Land


The slot is 25 paylines with 5 reels made with candy wherever you look at it. Regardless of the candy taste that you have, you are going to find it right here. The backdrop of the game has a lush mountain landscape with lollipops that sprout out from cotton candy which acts as bushes.
At a top of a mountain, there will be sugar coating which is used instead of the snow. On the bottom, there is the river full of the chocolate fudge. Candy canes offers frame for reels and there is a number that runs up or down that correspond to the paylines. Whenever you will be playing, you will end up licking the lips because of the type of the candy at the screen.

Game symbols

At the reels, there are cookies galore that act like the letter symbol. At a top of cookies, you will find the ice cream sandwiches, candy man, and candy canes. Others are ice cone and fruity candy. The visuals of the game are completely delightful. The user interface of the game has candy coated bliss. The slot machine is easy to play and the user interfaces mix well with the theme of this game. The display of the game has winnings, bet and balance. It is possible to adjust a bet using minus and plus symbols.

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