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Showtime Reels

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Showtime Reels

Free Slot Online Showtime ReelsIf you have the pleasure to watch the Broadway show such as Lakers and Showtime, you have to expect to get experience that offers pure entertainment. However, in this game, the word showtime comes with some extra meaning. The Showtime is not the hidden concept when it comes to the online slot genre. Some developers want to use the term just as the way of getting the inspiration.

Free Slot Online Showtime Reels


The game takes you back in the 1950 and it has some old school light up banner with it. Each letter will be able to light up on its own and the entire world is going to be illuminated. This is the classic look and it has the tinge of the nostalgia that comes with it. The game is aesthetic and it carries a number of charm and character with it. The reels act like the center piece of the show itself and you will see some films that will be rolling at the right and the left of the slot.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game bring back the theme. You can find the movie chairs, 3D glasses, projector, director cut, speaker horn, drinks, popcorn and entrance tickets. Every symbol looks boisterous and larger. This means that it can pop out at the screen. The slot looks colorful but at a certain level it is a carefree. The features of the casino look cool and the walls at the left and right are in the crimson red. They can also hold the bet and the winning display at the left side of a paytable and on the right.

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