Secret of Nefertiti

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Secret of Nefertiti

Free Slot Online Secret of NefertitiSecret of Nefertiti slot game is the game that offers Egyptian pleasures. It is time that you can immerse yourself into the beautiful handmaiden when you play the cash. However, you can return from the travels with the chest that it is full of the cash.

Free Slot Online Secret of Nefertiti

The Egyptian had been always known to follow the hedonistic and pleasure lifestyle. In the Secret of Nefertiti free slot game, this mood had been captured perfectly. With the captivating 3D graphics, you can be drawn in the scene at once and you can feel the scorching rays of the sun that beat on the skin.

The background is among the serene beauty you can find, and it is set in the outdoor leisure area. The game is based on the turquoise waters with the bathing pool which is set into the area of an elegant architecture. Starting from the flagstones at the floor to the pillars and towering columns; the outdoor pool area looks luxurious and opulent starting at the bottom to the top.

Game symbols

All the small fires will flare up and will burn and the overhead sun will burn brightly with the golden sky. The game has fresh green palm fronts wave that hit gently on the edges. At the reels, you are going to get the letters that represent the playing cards and some of the iconic symbols known to Egypt like course, scorpion or a cat. The reels also include the letters which represent the playing cards. Besides the exotic sights, you will also enjoy the music that plays within the background.

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