Ra to Riches

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Ra to Riches

Free Slot Online Ra to RichesRa to Riches free slot is the game that was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian slot. The game will not only deliver an intense slot action but it also pays the homage to the ancient Egyptian culture.

Free Slot Online Ra to Riches


This game has a unique design since it took chances with the visual elements. You will be aware at once that you are not playing an average game. Each symbol that had featured is animated vividly and it takes up Ancient Egyptian reference such as Anubis and Sphinx.
The visuals of the game and the audio are of high quality. The soundtrack is original and anyone can expect to get it from the Ancient Egyptian themed slot game.

Game features

At the bottom of the screen, you can find the display which has different information. You can find gear symbol, total bet and total balance. The gear symbol is the one to use if you want to get access to the setting of this game. It does carry a level of depth for the game customization. As you hit at the spin button, then the symbols are going to fall off a screen and there will be the new ones that will be falling into the places they are living behind. When you get four or even more symbols, then you will win the prize.
What makes this game to be unique is that it has reel based action which had been proved to be the best. When you have secured the win, then these symbols will clear off and the new symbols will fall down. This means that there are more chances of winning.

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