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Free Slot Online MagiciousMagicious slot machine online is a spell binding game and it is magician themed. There are 3 graphics with whole load and the animated features. There are 5 reel and 10 paylines. The game is also offering something which is different since there is wild symbol that can trigger all the free-spins.

Free Slot Online Magicious

The Magicious invites the players so that they may sit down and they can enjoy their magic show which is put at two skilled entertainers. They are Magicia and Illucious. Their show can appear to be too simple but such magician characters can prove that they are talented since they offer the illusion of holding 15 symbols in all the game and they seem as if they are levitating over the stage. The floating objects can be boxed of different colors and sparkly star icons. But with every spin, the player will make objects to fall at the ground and they are replaced using whole new set from over and it happens like the Magic.

Game features

The magical touches will not stop here and there are some illusionists which stands at every side of wands, reels and they are ready for the highlight with the winning combination when it appears. Such shooting robs for the light, they will sparkle or zig zag over the respective paylines and they also reveal winning prize. The game is both eye catching and captivating but they are easy also to follow when it comes on how much you may win with each spin. When it comes to the graphics, the game looks simple, fresh and clean.

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