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Free Slot Online MafiaTo play Mafia free slot machine, you will have to infiltrate the mafia and to make sure that you kept your identity secret in case you would like stealing cash and go without being noticed.

Free Slot Online Mafia

The game takes place in the dark corner of Chicago or New York. The mob reigns and the police do not want to venture in this place. The screen of the game looks gloomy and dark and it was designed to have a deserted back alley. This is where the illegal deals are taking place while the lights in the street flicks. The reels had been encased in the frame of the steel and bricks and there is a mysterious armed man at every side watching the player always.

The game brings back the elements that were found with the good film noir and it can help to create the coherent universe which the aficionados of the genre will end up liking.

Game features

The game is based on 30 paylines with 5 spinning reels. The symbols at the reels had been lined up in a certain way and they form the winning combination on different paylines so that the player can win. The type of this combination that you are able to win will be based on the bet that you started with.

The game has detailed reel symbols and they have different cash value with many styles. The common symbol of the game is an automatic gun, luxury car, knife with wine bottles. The rare symbols are Mafioso, a woman and diamond symbols. They can be elusive but not also valuable.

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