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Honey Money PariPlay

Free Slot Online Honey Money PariPlayHoney Money free slot requires you to match different symbols if you want to win.

Free Slot Online Honey Money PariPlay


You start to play the game when you choose the number of the stake you want to play with. It can be 0.10 up to 10.00. There are two rows where there are 8 honeycomb cells for row. In the game, you will have to choose a cell at the top and the other one at the bottom so that you can see if they match. When you get the letters that spell Honey, you will be able to make the best times 1up to 50. If you match M, Hive or flower, you will get the price of 100 xs, 200x and then 1000x of your bet. Matching of two star symbols to get ultimate prize, you can enjoy the bet 10,000 up to 100,000 times.

Game features

The game has the shuffle button which means that you can mix up the cells of the game and there are two memory cells at an upper left and this is where you can see the last choices. There is a button that you can use to play the game after the other game. You will want to keep everything buzzing. The Honey money may be the sweetest game that you can play. You can find it in the scratch card section of the game.
The game jackpot is 100,000 thousand, a hive is worth 10,000 dollars, the flower is 2,000, the M 1000, Y is 5 hundred, E is 100, N is 50 dollar, ) is 20 dollars and H is 10 dollars.

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