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Diablo 13

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Diablo 13

Free Slot Online Diablo 13Diablo 13 is a slot machine which features bibles, demons and skulls and the entire slot is in the red color. The game features a progressive jackpot with decent titles. It is completely red and everything shouts evil.

Free Slot Online Diablo 13


The design of the game feature religions and demons design while it also enters into the fantasy world with the sorcerers and fairies but taken to a new level, which make it look like a mix of many inspirations. As the part of the supernatural theme, the game feature 13 paylines and not the normal 15. It has 5 reels. There are regular payouts with mixture of the progressive jackpots which may go up to 39,000 dollars. The game has also free spins, scatter, bonus game and wild symbol.

The wild of the game is a haunted house. It is a castle that has stonewalls with the blood moon in its background and the bats are there to complete the entire scene. The wild can replace other symbols. When you get five wild, you get also the Monster Madness prize which will lead to the progressive jackpot. The wild will not be able to replace a scatter symbol or a bonus symbol. The bonus game in the game is the wizard and you need to get three symbols if you want to get an extra round. The scatter is a fairy which may appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5 reels. When you get all three at once, then you get free spins.

Diablo 13 is a special kind of dark free slot game. Unlike many other free slot games this free slot machine is narrated around supernatural forces which are connected with the devil. Actually, the game is superbly created. All graphics and animations are horrific looking including the background. The mostly used color in this free slot machine is none other but black. Anyway, no need to fear this amazing free slot machine because there is something which is capable of changing the nature of this game from scary to a happy one. That is the prizing system which could bring you massive cash prizes. These big money bags are quite good enough to make all your dreams come true. Actually, there are 11 extremely horrific symbols in this free slot. But all these symbols are capable of offering various prizes depending on combinations they make. In fact, some of these symbols are able to offer money bags as big as 13000 coins from each spin. That is a kind of sum which can easily convince anyone to make a deal with a devil. But that is not all. This superb free slot game is also equipped with a bonus system to boost prizes. The most famous feature is the bonus game called dungeon treasure. It is activated by the special bonus symbol. The wild is also there in this free slot game. Apart from these there is also the scatter symbol. The scatter is also the key to open the free spin bonus round. In fact, the free spin bonus round is also up to 13 rounds and these rounds usually offer more prizes than regular rounds.

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