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Chuggers Pot

Free Slot Online Chuggers PotChugger’s Pot slot is a game from Play Pearls and it is the right game for you to play if you want to get some luck. The game is based on the pot full of gold with cute leprechaun. While playing this game, you will have a chance to winning the real cash prize.

Free Slot Online Chuggers Pot


At the start of the slot machine, there is no way that you will not be captivated at once when you get to see a leprechaun called Chugger. The game itself is full of the rainbow colors and the stunning graphics. The game has captured the beauty offered by the rainbow and it has depth and vibrant tones which radiate out of a screen.

The background of the game is made up with the arc of the rainbow and it is showing over the reels and this is where the logo is stretching out. The symbols of the game are beautiful and they are set in 3d design. It makes the player to feel like he may stretch out and touch on them. The symbols of the game are made up with symbols that are related to leprechaun. They are four leaved clover, harp, pot of the gold, rainbow and the toadstools. Others are the green hat of leprechaun and the lucky horseshoe.
The game features a twangy background music which is more of an Irish jug theme. It transports the player to the Emerald Isle.
The game takes place on 25 paylines with 5 reels. There is no need of activating such lines at once. How much paylines you choose, will depend on you.

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