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Boost Racers

Free Slot Online Boost RacersBoost Racers slot is the game where the player has to play as a professional racer. The engine of the car had been boosted to reach to the maximum and what you have to do is placing the bet so that you can start to roar as a tiger. The features of the game are the original bonus and the player has many ways to win.

Free Slot Online Boost Racers


Everything in this free slot machine, it has been designed in the way that it can evoke the fast cars with the speed. This will give you the real rush as you start to play the game. The background of the game is an open road and straight under night sky and you can enjoy slow rising at the side. The game looks beautiful but at the same time it is simple. The reels of the game are found in a middle of the screen and it makes the game to have a metallic and mechanical look. You will also find the command bar on its bottom and it does look like the dashboard of the complete car and features a speed-o-meter.

The game has 5 reels with 10 paylines. The paylines are activated throughout this game. What you need to know is that the same reel symbols will line up and they will trigger the cash rewards.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game are all related to the cars. You will be able to win big when you can get the same symbols on the screen. The basic menu includes colorful sports cars which include exotic, tuning, muscle and oldie.

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