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Book Of Pharaon

Free Slot Online Book Of PharaonBook of Pharaoh free slot machine is the game that gives you a chance of hunting for the long lost treasure. It is a slot based on the classic Egypt and features the symbol which brings Egypt in mind like Mask of Tutankhamun , Eyes of Horus, and scarab beetle.

Free Slot Online Book Of Pharaon

The game is based on 50 paylines with 5 reels. The special symbols are free spin, multiplier and wild symbol. This is the exotic game and it brings out the adventurous spirit in the slot players.

Egyptian symbols are apparent when you enter into the game and it comes with evocative music which adds a great atmosphere. There is pharaoh tomb found at each side of a screen. There is nothing complicated in betting with this game. You can decide on which number to play with starting at 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 paylines and each line number option correspond to betting level which starts at 1 up to 8.

Game symbols

Every symbol of the game brings back the ancient Egyptian theme. The icons are scarab beetle, dung beetle which was being worshiped in ancient Egyptian, eye of Horus considered as a symbol of good health and protection. Another symbol is the Anubis which is found at the reels and it is Egyptian god which governs the afterlife. Other symbols are the golden book of Pharaoh and Tutankhamun mask.

The highest paying symbol is Tutankhamun mask and the second paying symbol is an Anubis. The scarab beetle with the Eye of Horus pay the same.

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