Age of Gods Prince of Olympus

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Age of Gods Prince of Olympus

Free Slot Online Age of Gods Prince of Olympus It is time to get the view of this game developed by Playtech and based on the mythology of ancient Greek. The slot is 25 paylines and 5 reels. The game is better than others when it comes to the expanding wilds, triple value wins and the free spins. The special bonus side game gives the chance to the player to play against the viscous sea monsters.

Free Slot Online Age of Gods Prince of Olympus

Legend of the Hercules is the best tales in the Ancient Greek mythology. Quintessential Greek hero is also the son of the Zeus. He had super human strength and had daring adventures which are called the 12 labors. The stunts included killing the monstrous lion, the man eating birds, the nine headed sea. He went also to capture three headed hound, Cerburus, Cretan Bull, Erymanthian Boars and Artemis.

Game symbols

The background of the slot is covered by the trademark headdress of the slain lion and has a magnificent armor of the plated gold. The graphics of the game are of high quality and they are in two dimensional illustrations which represents the icons symbol found in the story of the game. They are the spiked club, the golden apples, the strengthening belt with the three headed dog called Cerebus with the nine headed beast called Hydra.

Game special features

The game has different bonus features like Herculean strength which is triggered by the Hercules symbol found on specific reels, the free game are also triggered by Hercules symbols and they offer 10 free spins with 3x multiplier. The hydra bonus is the bonus game offered by hydra symbols.

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