Age of Gods Fate Sisters

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Age of Gods Fate Sisters

Free Slot Online Age of Gods Fate SistersThe ancient Greek is the most popular mythology and you cannot get any other mythology like it. This game from Playtech is based on the fates or Moirai. It is about three sisters, Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho. They are the ones in charge of the threads of life. The girls were the best threaders. Clotho was the one to span a thread; Lachesis was the one to measure its length while atropos was the one to cut thread in order to end the life.

Free Slot Online Age of Gods Fate Sisters


The game has four backdrops and each one of these sisters has a temple dedicated to her and offers the respective bonus round. The game look classic in the Greek design and there are high column with the wide open area that houses reels.

The high paying symbols are themed symbols and they keep up with their theme. The three sisters are the one that offer higher rewards while they are followed by the icons which are related to the individual gifts or the curses depending on what you got.

Game special symbols

The maximum paylines of the game are 25 and they will decrease if you want to. The minimum bet for the game is 0.01. The game has solitary wild at the slot and it had been fixed within the base game. It is made up by the rare golden coin that features the girl’s image. The wild become exciting with free spins and it plays differently. The wild of the game are Clotho’s temples and Lachesis’s.

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