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7 Wonders

Free Slot Online 7 Wonders7 wonders slot game is the game based on what most people want to see and it is all about the Seven Wonders of the World. The game is 20 paylines and 5 reels.

Free Slot Online 7 Wonders

The symbols of the game feature the famous monuments. The background of the game is the 7 wonders and they have been put together by an ocean, and if they would have been in that closeness in the real world, then visiting them would have been easier. The symbols of these wonders are Chichen Itza Pyramid, Stonehenge, Hagia Sophia, Great Pyramid of Tiza, the Great Wall of China and Colosseum of Rome.

Game features

It is not hard to start playing this slot machine. Whatever you want to learn about is found at the control panel. The control panel is found on the reels and you can see the total balance, the bet you have, the number of the lines you have activated with the total bet or wins you got.

The game also features an auto spin feature and it spins at the reels by using the current bet you set. Helping you to take thing much easier, the auto spin feature will keep the speed on the reels in the full flow and it takes the pressure away of a player. If you want to enjoy the bonuses of the game, then expanding wild will be in charge of the 7 wonders. The world symbol in this game is a wild. It can take place on a second, third or at the fourth reels.

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