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Flos Diner

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Flos Diner

Free Slot Machine Flos DinerFlos Diner is a highly entertaining free slot game every slot game enthusiast should try. This particular free slot game is highly recommended for new slot game players because of its very simple structure. It actually follows the path of classic free slot games with 3 reels. Microgaming, the sole developer of this free slot game has done a great job by again by introducing another one of their retro slot machines.

Free Slot Machine Flos Diner


Even though the game is classic the rewards are not so. Actually they are as modern and large as any large slot game reward available these days. The largest jackpot for this game could be as big as 2,400 coins per spin. It depends on the wager you put but even with the lowest wager there is still a possibly to win a handsome reward up to 800 coins. This game is free of any kind of bonus features but that does not change the fact that this game is highly generous towards its players.

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