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Double Dose

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Double Dose

Free Slot Machine Double DoseDouble Dose is an extremely fun, exciting and easiest free slot games available in the slot game industry. This game is totally free of complicated stuffs usually available with modern slot games. This awesome free slot game represents the classical era and only has 3 reels and a single pay line to offer for the players. This also make this game extremely suitable for new slot game enthusiasts to get to know the industry better with less risks of losing.

Free Slot Machine Double Dose


But that does not mean that this game is not good enough for much experienced slot game players. They too can enjoy the simplicity, fun and excitement of this game alike thanks to top level graphics, amazing animations and easy winning opportunities. This game too has a wild symbol. The game logo is actually the wild symbol it is capable of making winning combinations. Other than that this symbol also act as a powerful multiplier.

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