Dog Father

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Dog Father

Free Slot Dog Father OnlineThis is the twisted story of mafia godfathers. This very exciting free slot machine has everything mafia Godfathers have except the fact that these godfathers are no humans but dogs. That is why this game is named “Dogfather”. Overall this game is full of excitement and thrill; with all the mafia stuffs such as brass knuckles, Mafia wives and a ruthless Dogfather it is no wonder though.

Free Slot Dog Father Online


This free slot game is narrated around a criminal Dog family which rules the underworld. Like any Godfathers this family also is capable of offering pretty exciting prizes to everyone gathering around to support them. But you don’t have to put your life in danger to support this particular underworld family. The max payout for this free slot game is 39,000 coins. To win this prize the player has given to use various bonus materials as well such as wilds, scatters and hidden bonus games.

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