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Black Hawk

Free Slot Black Hawk OnlineHave you always been fascinated by castles? Do you believe that great treasures are hidden inside abandoned castles somewhere? Then you are going to love this game. Black Hawk is actually a very spooky video slot that will entice the thrill seekers. It is a 3D online slot machine game that has not one, nor two but 54 pay lines on its 3 reels. The reason this slot has been able to make 54 pay lines on its 3 reels is because they have a crisscross layout – which might be confusing at times, but is definitely worth the experience.

Free Slot Black Hawk Online


The way the pay lines arrange themselves is quite intriguing in itself. You will see 27 pay lines on each of the reels. This is why it adds up to 54. But don’t worry – you don’t have to bet a huge sum for all those pay lines. You can totally choose which pay lines you want to play with.

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