Sands Of Fortune

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Sands Of Fortune

Free Sands Of Fortune Slot OnlineSands of fortune slot game is a compact game of 9 paylines with 5 reels. To play, you will need to learn few things since if not, you may end up being trapped within the pyramid of angry mummy.

Free Sands Of Fortune Slot Online

Regardless if you have the sandals and socks, there is nothing which can save you against the perils of the sandy feet as you will be descending in the tomb that it is well kept and well maintained. At the left hand corner, you get to see the game title and it helps in cementing over the theme of the 80s tomb raider theme.

Game symbols

The free online slot has 10 icons which should be dug and then dusted off. However, few of the symbols are generic since the remaining has been personalized so that they may maintain the archaeology aesthetic from the title. The three icons are Q, K and A and they are found on a grey background and over Egyptian craving. However, what make them special in this game is that are not the lowest value icon but the highest paying icons. When you find five A, you get 2,000 credits.
Getting a scorpion helps you to win only 9 credits. The bonus feature of the game is special. When you get three corridors, you will be asked to make a choice. If you choose the right corridor, you will continue to play up to the time that you end up choosing the wrong one. The good news is that the money you win is not lost when you fail.

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