Plagues of Egypt

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Plagues of Egypt

Free Plagues of Egypt Slot OnlinePlagues of Egypt slot machine online is the newest release with Fugaso. While playing the game, you should expect to see the respins, the stacked wilds and you can play with the real money with 3 progressive jackpots.

Free Plagues of Egypt Slot Online


The landing page of the game is itself art work and it is based on the parting of red sea. While in the game, you can see the backdrop which is based on Egypt with a dramatic sky. Moses is standing at the rocks and the robes do sway gently into the wind together with the ties of the staff he is holding. There are small animals which may be seen while milling around into the town. Moses does blink and he peers upward to the sky towards the lord to be his guide.

The game is played on 5 reels set with the 4 rows. They are found at the foreground of the game. They are found over the stone structures which were decorating the Egyptian colorful stone pillars and hieroglyphics.

Game symbols

As found in the ancient scriptures, Moses got called by God so that he can tell pharaoh to let the God’s people go out of Egypt. Moses was given the power to release the curse to Egyptians using 10 horrible plagues. Each one of the plague is a symbol of the game and it comes with its own value. The symbols of the game starts with Pharaoh who is also the high paying symbol, then water which turned into blood, frogs, biting insects, skin boils, flies, animal diseases, hailstone, skin boils, locusts, day-night and death of each first born child.

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