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7 Oceans

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7 Oceans

Free Online Slot 7 Oceans7 Oceans is a pretty cool classic free slot game with only 3 reels and one pay lines to play with. The theme of this amazing free slot game is an ocean cruse and pretty beautiful in every aspect. If you need a virtual ocean vacation with loads of entertaining stuffs this might be the solution for you. The prizes of this free slot game are stunning and mind blowing too; the cruse is simply full of treasures and prizes.

Free Online Slot 7 Oceans


Graphic properties, sound properties and animations of this free slot game are 100% realistic and totally connected to the theme of the game. This amazing free slot game has loads of exciting features and brilliantly designed symbols. The number of symbols activated can be varies in this free slot game depending on the number of coins you enter into the free slot game play. To have the maximum numbers of symbols, one must use 3 coins at the initial stage of this free slot game.

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