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Nordic Song

Free Nordic Song Slot OnlineNordic Song slot machine is the game which makes you ready to enjoy a trip to Arctic Circle. This is the place where the Nordic song may take you. The casino is meant to explore Sami culture. This is about the fascinating people who are living in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The player should expect to see colorful costumes and snow when they play.

Free Nordic Song Slot Online

The Nordic song will take place in the Arctic Circle found in the Northern Scandinavia. You will be expecting to see frozen desert which starts at the beginning of the game. At the background, there is a devoid and dark detail, with the heaps of the white snow with different snowflakes full of the white snow which gives the friendly and Christmas like atmosphere. What may have been depressing and gloomy setting can be transformed in quiet, simple and beautiful surroundings.

The background music is Christmassy and joyful and such elements will combine the Nordic song to lighter and pleasant atmosphere which you should expect from the beginning.

The game is a straight forward game; it has 25 paylines and five reels. After deciding on the coin value, the player can start to play. The player can start to play on 20 coins on the 25 paylines. The maximum bet should be over 500 coins for each spin. After putting everything together, the player can hit at the blue start button for the game to start.

Game symbols

The game has classic symbols such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack and number 10. Others are Arctic Owl and Husky. Others are a man and a woman who wear red sami garments and a bright smile at the faces.

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