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Love Lab

Free Love Lab Slot OnlineLove Lab slot is the slot machine which is different from other game. The game opens up with the old scientist, the wacky lab with the red headed babe he wants to drug using his magic potion.

Free Love Lab Slot Online

Taking into consideration the icons of the game, you have to know that you cannot take the game seriously. The scientist is complete with the moustache and he is found in different places where he has many poses and they include where the chemical is falling on the head and where he has a big syringe while in other icon, he is at the throes of the sexy redhead. Other distinctive icons do include the fantasy redhead wearing the bikini while she drinks the potion and in another place, she is reacting to chemical which is too toxic.

Game features

The reels are not too noticeable which means that you will not get any distinction between the background and the foreground. You will get 25 different paying lines which are too subtle and you have to be too careful if you are looking at them. You will also get to see the diagram at the paytable page.

If you are looking closer, you may see the scientist who is in the mist of the seduction and this is where there is a lingerie clad lady. At the edge of a screen, you will see test tubes with the conventional jar which are filled with many colored chemicals. The icon that you have to look out for is the scientist when he discovers something. He is worth 2,500 credits when you get 5.

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