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Free Blackbeard Slot OnlineOpen sea is known to scream the adventure. The game will take the player to an epic voyage around the ocean and it helps to reap treasures that are beyond the horizon.

Free Blackbeard Slot Online


The game is a dice slot machine and the players should join Captain Blackbeard crew. This is a fearsome pirate who has the ambition of roaming seven seas where he is looking to get the treasures on Forgotten Island. In addition of the impactful visual universe, the game provider offers generous bonuses with a good gameplay.

The pirates theme is the popular theme and the golden age gathers all the visual elements which had made it to be popular at the beginning. The background of this game will take the view of an open sea and under a bright full moon. The reels will float at the foreground and they set them against the hand drawn map for the words. The command bar or other displays have nice frame and they have a wooden case which reminds the players a mighty ship and a wooden deck.

The game has 5 spinning reels with 10 paylines. The goal is to try and to get the winning symbols and combinations at the paylines in order to trigger the cash rewards. Every reward will be calculated based on the bet and the symbols involved into the winning combinations.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game include the common icons like Ace, King, Queen and The Jack. They have limited payouts and they can multiply the wager 5 times. Rare symbols are treasure chest, treasure map, cannon, Blackbeard and coin.

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