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Birds on a Wire

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Game Details

Birds on a Wire

Free Birds on a Wire Slot OnlineBirds on a Wire free slot online is the slot with different birds that are swooping within the air and the rules of this game had been explained at the screen. The birds are resting on different wires and they are from electricity pylon. From here, the scene looks serene but what follows is somehow shocking. When the player hit the spin, he will see the screen scrolling towards the left where three empty wires will open up and 15 different birds are going to open up. If the birds form the win combination, then they will be frazzled so they will stop to be birds.

Free Birds on a Wire Slot Online

The slot look fun and all the birds in the game look as if they have wide eyes and they look not that intelligent. The symbols of the game include different types of the birds such as roosters, parrots and hens. The high paying symbol is the hen and it offers 12x the bet by getting five of them. Pink owl is the following and the third paying symbol is the parrot.

Game features

The game did not include actual reels into the place but it is a standard 5 reel. By getting the win, the birds get fried and go away and this leaves the place where the new birds can fill. This can create better win and every time there is a win, then there is also a higher multiplier. First win comes with 2x the multiplier, then 3x up to 5 times. The win lines on the game are 17 but they are adjustable so they can be lowered.

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