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African Spirit

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African Spirit

Free African Spirit Slot OnlineThe African Spirit slot game is the slot machine online which brings together the black magic theme and it was inspired by dark arts, voodoo, and ancient curse with witch doctors. In case you are not too superstitious, then you will be able to enjoy this slot game through all its paces.

Free African Spirit Slot Online

When the sun gods and rain gods help you to, then you will be able to clean up this African Spirit as it was meant to be. There is a tribal song which is offered to gods and it had been able to seal everything.

Game features

The animation and the graphics of the game are good and you have to check the details found in the wooden craving with the terrifying masks which appear at the reels as the symbols. You have also to check the two bonfires which burn at every side of reels with the yellow flames that lick away the sky night.

The soundtrack is a bit curious and the music starts off in a reasonable manner and it becomes as an interesting terrain afterwards. Sometime you can give the audio the miss. There are other elements of the African Spirit which have to be mustered and they include how the reel spins. The game is 20 paylines and the line bet can be set starting from 0.01 up to 5. The most that a player can enjoy is a 100.

Game special symbols

The special symbols of the game include the horned antelope skull in a blue mask and he is the scatter. The wild symbol is a leopard that has a red eyes and the mouth is open to take the bite. The bonus symbol is a spear symbol.

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